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I’m finally recovering from jet lag after landing home from Zabbix Conference 2016 in Riga, Latvia. My good mate and colleague, James Cook and I had the pleasure of attending the conference this year to discover what’s new with Zabbix, how others are making use of it, and most importantly, to meet and greet with the superb team at Zabbix SIA HQ.

After my talk at Perth DevOps Meetup, Zabbix were kind enough to ask me to give a similar presentation at the conference. You can download a PDF copy here.

My talk covered a little about Kinetic IT and our client, the WA Department of Education. I then described some of the automation tools we have written to turn Zabbix into a fairly autonomous monitoring system. Finally I gave a demonstration of a selection of the automation tools that I have released or rewritten for open source.

Please also, check out the talks for all the other speakers at the Zabbix Conference 2016 homepage.

If you have any questions or comments, start the discussion below or get in touch with me on Twitter.