WMI Lab is a lightweight, open source application base d on the .Net Framework 3.5 that expands on functions offered in common WMI tools to allow for the inspection, querying, deeper interrogation and code generation of WMI classes on local or remote Windows systems.

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Browse WMI namespaces Execute WQL query Generate scripts


  • Explore WMI classes on local or remote systems
    • See builtin class and member documentation
    • Explore class inheritance
    • Discover available values and mappings for class members
  • Execute WMI queries with intelligent data formatting and useful error information
    • Display results as a data grid or open each result in a property inspector
    • Display result values as raw data or using WMI defined value maps and unit types
    • Right click a result to jump to associators and references of the instance
    • Errors are listed in the log window with detailed information
  • Generate example scripts in languages such as C#, VBScript and Perl
    • See how common WMI tasks are executed in a number of languages including:
      • C#
      • VBScript
      • Visual Basic.Net
      • Perl
    • Execute or save scripts with the click of a button
    • Tweak the script output to taste with powerful script options
  • Generate MOF file samples of existing classes
    • View raw class definitions are they may have appeared prior to compilation
    • Run a simple syntax check with mofcomp